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I did some tweaking on my journal's style today. Mostly happy with the results.

The changes are pretty subtle. It's still very close to what everyone else is using, and that's deliberate. Everything's just a little cleaner than it used to be. Paragraphs use full justification now, and the margins are a little wider. The margins increase on both sides for lists - more so for lists within lists. Thus, clear definition between sections.

Thing is, it's not stable.

Every time I use the <ol> or <ul> tags (which is more often than you'd think), this breaks us out of the current paragraph. Meaning, those attributes defined in the previous paragraph do not resume after the list ends. And, I can't reassert them or define those parameters globally. So, half an entry might have perfect formatting, and then suddenly everything shifts way over on the left, and my beautiful right margin is back to it's usual shambles.

That said, none of this affects how my entries are displayed on your friends list, and folks rarely (if ever) visit my journal directly. So, the only person this will bother is me.

Still, it almost works. That must count for something, right?

In other news, I weigh ten pounds less than I used to.
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