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Birthday Plans

There will be no Saturday Rehearsal this week. For I am old, and I must mourn the loss of another year.

I get to hang out with most of the family today. Matt has to stay behind for lack of a babysitter, but he and Jonny might join us for dinner if it isn't raining.

Dad just handed me $50. My grandmother's probably going to give me another $50. Completely forgot about that little tradition. This is good. So, now I only feel half as bad about the $200 I shouldn't have spent last week. Yay!

I'm gonna go see the Lion King tonight. Maybe I'll bring back some ideas for the frog transformation in my play.

I'm thinking about bringing a pair of binoculars. Something with an adjustable focus would be nice. That'll substitute for eyeglasses. People will stare, of course. Our seats aren't nearly far enough back to justify binoculars. I figure if I'm wasn't planning to see anything, I might as well stay home and listen to the soundtrack.

Perhaps I'll bring a pair of binoculars to rehearsal on Monday.
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