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some guy

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less eloquent in person

What I meant to say:
    Hey. I can't remember your name for the life of me, but I used to sit behind you in Mr. Liddy's 7th grade Pre-Algebra class. You liked to make fun of me for using big words?

    We ran into each other a year or two after high school, and you seemed genuinely happy to see me. Which didn't mesh at all with this idea that we hated each other or something. I was holding a grudge, I don't remember for what, and if I didn't say anything mean to you that day, I probably walked away wishing I had. So either way, I figure I owe you an apology.

    Is this your daughter? She's amazing. This one's not mine, but I like him a lot. Nephew.

    Anyway, we've got to go. But it was nice running into you!

What came out:
    ** nods acknowledgement, waves goodbye **
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