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I started to make some oatmeal this morning, but remembered the doctors telling me to cut down on the concentrated carbohydrates to help lower my cholesterol level. So, no bread products.

What else can I make? Well, there's always eggs. I take a few from the refrigerator, and am about to fry them up when it occurs to me that this isn't very good for my cholesterol either. The bagel I was hoping to put them on is likewise out.

French Toast? That's eggs and bread again. I think the syrup is still safe. And cinnamon! Mmmmm...

I consider not having breakfast. No good - the doctors are very unhappy with my skipping meals. Plus, I've got like 16 pills to take every day now, and they're supposed to be taken with food.

A quick poke around the freezer reveals much yuckiness. Perhaps I'll go shopping today.

In the meantime, my decision-making power first thing in the morning is reduced to "Eenie Meenie Miney Moe." I end up with the oatmeal. It's pretty good.

Now, to think about lunch...
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