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Ralph Waldo Emerson said to simplify, and I ain't gonna argue with him.

Just cleared all the outdated DOS based programming books off my shelf. No more Turbo Pascal 7. No more Borland C++. No more proprietary video modes made obsolete by standardization. No more low level optimizations for an 8 bit sound card that lost it's relevance when 16 bit audio became affordable, again when wavetable replaced FM synthesis, once more when GM became an accepted standard, and yet again time when people stopped caring about MIDI playback.

I'll give these a few weeks on, but then it's time for a bonfire.

I'm also dividing all my graphic novels into books I'll want to read again or loan people, vs things that I may have enjoyed, but don't feel any need to revisit. I won't be asking a lot of money for these, 'cause I don't want to keep track of it - the clutter I reduce is mental as much as physical.

So, yeah. If you're planning to be in the area soon and want to play "Hey, can I have this?", it's probably worth your time.

Meanwhile, it's media genocide on my hard drive. Stuff's gettin' deleted like there's no space for more stuff.

Not that any of this has even made a dent. I've got a long way to go...
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