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Peter David is an author I've got tons of respect for, sometimes.

His comic books, I've learned, always read well one issue at a time, but seldom hold up as a greater whole. You can watch him carefully put all the pieces in place, and then veer off in another direction, never to deal with whatever he'd been planning.

This frustrates me.

Perhaps it's pressure from the editors that make him alter course midstream - incremental feedback from the readers on an ongoing work is not necessarily a good thing. Or, maybe he didn't really have an ending in mind when he planted those seeds. Either way, I had to stop reading his comics.

But, his novels have never had those problems.

They're great.

And my favorites were always his first two: Knight Life, and Howling Mad.

I first read those... I'm guessing 14 years ago? It's been a while.

In that time, he apparently re-wrote Knight Life and published it as a significantly longer novel. And, more recently, he put out a sequel.

This is old news, of course, but nobody tells me anything.

I'm looking forward to reading those.


the Hooters are a band I've listened to since I think sixth grade.

If you've heard of them at all, it would be from two singles off their first big release, "Nervous Night". Those would be "And We Danced," and "Day By Day."

Few people even know there were more albums after that, but I bought 'em all. And, each new release would reinvent their sound, guaranteeing they not even get airplay for nostalgia's sake. Also, their lyrics were often so bad, you'd have to pretend you didn't understand english to appreciate the songs. But, the music was far better than anything else I'd heard to that point, so I bought everything they released, and went to every concert in my area.

That was also a while ago. Their last album as a group came out in 1993.

But, they're not as broken up as they once were.

They've re-released their self-published first album, "Amore", for the first time on CD. Which is great for me, since I was never able to find a copy on LP in the 17 years or so I've been looking.

Most of the songs on there were reworked into later albums, so this should be like hearing the most famous version of the band doing covers of their later incarnations' material. Which is a little strange, but I'm looking forward to it.

Anyway, they held a concert to celebrate that release, 20 years after the original. And realizing how much fun they have together, they booked a whole bunch of shows across Germany. I'm hoping a US tour will come of that, and maybe a new CD.

This, too, is old news. But, it's part of the "anything" that nobody tells me.

So, there you have it.


It's crazy to think these things were so long ago. I remember them better than more recent things in my life. Which should probably tell me, it's time to do something memorable...
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