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I don't like AT&T Wireless.

I don't like that in fixing one of their mistakes on my account setup, they reset the contract date to keep me there longer. I don't like that they refused to honor the rebate that came with my account because this new date fell outside the range of that offer. I don't like that I was left to wonder why my bills were suddenly so much higher, when simply notifying me that my calling plan expired would have let me do something about it. I don't like the fact that my calling plan expired, or that I was never offered an upgrade when better calling plans were offered to new subscribers. I don't like the fact that I've been paying over twice as much for less than half the service. And I don't like that to change this, I must either give up my phone number or commit to another year of this abuse.

Dad came up with a way around this. He already had several family members on a group plan, with more minutes available than they knew what to do with. So, he tried to convince me to join that group. I almost did, but those numbers were in a different area code, so to switch me in meant losing my phone number anyway. And probably committing to another year on top of that. No good.

When he died, well-meaning family members thought this idea was worth another try. I was ready to throw away my phone by that point, so I figured this was at least a better option if they could make it happen. And we got much closer. Or rather, the AT&T rep let the process go much further this time before discovering that what we wanted was not allowed. In the course of that, they called me to verify my identity and authorize the transfer. They told me the current balance would be billed to my account, but that all subsequent bills would be on the group plan. They told me it was done. And, that was the last I heard of it.

But, as I already mentioned, it was not done. They told my brother it was impossible, since that's who they were talking to, but they didn't bother calling again as they had earlier to authorize the transfer. See, if I'm to pay less, they need to be sure that's what I want. If I'm to pay more than we agreed to, or to continue paying more than expected, there's no need to contact me directly.

Word never reached me. And, thier website was unable to access my account any of the times I tried to confirm this was taken care of. So, now I'm holding another rediculous phone bill, and the shattered remains of what used to be my phone.

My mother blames herself for not having told me. My brother defensively insists that he did tell me. He didn't. It's not a point worth arguing, but we argued it anyway and made Mom cry. Again, no good.

In either case, they're not the ones who needed to tell me. AT&T had a responsibility, and it's my own foolishness for trusting them to meet it after so much experience shows they never will.

Bottom line? Don't try to call me for a while.
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