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Sometimes, I post to amuse only me.

I remember one Halloween party back at CalArts where someone came up with a novel idea of covering their body with only transparent Saran Wrap. This drew lots of attention, and saved the crafty student a few dollars on their costume.

Personally, I figured that was the apex of Saran Wrap innovation. But, another student has taken up the challenge.

That link will mean nothing to most of you, but as someone with "stereopsis," "binocular parallax," and "autostereoscopic lenticular displays" listed among their interests, I can tell you that with the right background, this is fascinating stuff. You just have to be an obsessed hobbyist, and then it'll all make sense.

But, going back to that first anecdote.. Had I been wearing my handy-dandy polarized 3D glasses on the night of that party, I think one eye would have seen mostly nudity, but the other, an opaque layer of black where she was standing. And as the mind fuses these disparate images together, I would have perceived her as flickering, perhaps composed of metal. That's my theory, anyway, based on similar experiments I've done. I don't expect I'll have much opportunity to test this.

    (Hey, wanna see something freaky? Find some dark sunglasses, and cover one eye with a lens. If you watch television like this, each frame will reach your eyes slightly offset in time. And every once in a while, the camera will move or an object will rotate in the right direction such that the delay causes one eye from the same angle it would have been, relative to your other eye, had you been standing there in person looking at this scene. Your mind fills in the details, and for that moment, your television was broadcasting in 3D. This is called the Pulfrich effect, because German physicist Carl Pulfrich discovered it back in 1922. Interesting bit of trivia: Carl was blind in one eye, and could thus never experience the effect named for him.)
Okay, that's it for tonight.
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