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Well, this sucks.

I helped Josh and Tara move into their new apartment today. Stopped back at my place on the way to rehearsal, and was greeted by the following news: My father passed out in a parking lot and landed on his face. They're sewing it back together right now, after five hours in the waiting room. I didn't see much to help out with, so I headed off to rehearsal.
    The play's coming along. Some aspects are ahead of schedule, others behind. I let rehearsal drag on too long today, with no break. The cast was determined to push forward, and I never thought to stop them.

    Michelle couldn't be at yesterday's rehearsal, or tomorrow's, so she was struggling twice as hard to get everything down today. By the time I realized this and devoted some time to her, my brain was fried. Neither of us were very productive by that point. She blames herself, 'cause she hasn't acted in a while. But the problem really was a lack of direction, and that'd be my department as director to fix. That really isn't the note I was hoping to send everyone home on. I feel doubly bad for Michelle, 'cause I know she's going to be tearing herself up over this tomorrow. I told her not to, but nobody ever takes my advice.

    Michael. my Assistant Director, is beginning to get frustrated that we haven't figured out what to do with him yet. I basically have him in "observe mode" right now, 'cause we haven't had a chance to discuss the play individually. These last two days have been about getting everyone on the same page, understanding the vision so my direction makes sense. Having gone through that, I figure I can start assigning him tasks now.

    The other issue which comes up is that three of my four actors have very small parts, and spend a lot of time waiting. For the moment, I think I'm going to address this by splitting the cast into two units. Michael will read as the Prince in another room with whoever's not in the scene I'm blocking. That covers all the bases, right? When everyone's off book, I'll consider scheduling days off instead.
So, rehearsal ends, and a group forms to head off to Carrows. I'm supposed to meet up with Josh and Tara again for pizza and board games. Pizza sounds good, but I'm quite fond of the Cream of Broccoli soup over at Carrows. The board games will be fun, but I should really try to smooth things over with Michelle and Michael. Perhaps I can do all of it - leave one early, show up a little late for the other...

As I consider my social and culinary choices, the phone rings. Mom's got something happening tonight with the chorus, and she doesn't want to leave Dad all alone, so I need to drop everything and head over as soon as possible. I do. Three hours pass. Dad's still at the hospital. Mom's still with him. I'm very hungry.

I'd feel a lot better if I had someone to be angry at.
Gotta figure Dad's thinking the same thing right about now.
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