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Aug. 15th, 2003 03:13 pm (UTC)
Wow :<
That is incredible. I have no idea how they rationalized any of that. What good is letting them keep the Michkey Copright/Trademark if they do this?

Shame on Disney, all those executives need to be lobotomized so they can start again and try to get it right!
Aug. 15th, 2003 10:50 pm (UTC)
Well, that depends entirely on whether they can reinvent him in 3D without losing the feel of what he's always been. Personally, I think a shot-for-shot remake of some of their older works would be worth doing if they can pull it off.

They'd have to start with Steamboat Willie, and work their way through a number of shorts before taking on Fantasia, which would be necessary before they could even dream of something like Snow White. More detail on that in a little bit.

Thing is, I'm coming at this from a different angle than they are. They're looking to replace the look of 2D animation - to destroy Shrek by saturating the market with an onslaught of 3D Animated fairy tales. I have no interest in seeing that happen.

No, I think they should embrace Non-Photorealistic Rendering technologies to reproduce the original look and feel of their classic films as closely as possible.

What's the point? To have these films running in 3D with the polarized glasses at all of their themeparks.

As the shorts build momentum, you release a collection to IMAX 3D screens, and when that succeeds, you release Fantasia 3D first to IMAX, and later to other theaters equipped with 3D projectors.

With that behind you, it's time to consider launching Snow White in 3D to a nationwide audience. I think that'd be about the same risk as releasing a full-length animated feature (in Technicolor, no less!) was back in the day. I think it'd gain about the same reward, too - a renaissance of new filmmaking achievements, with Disney once again at the center.


None of that plan involves firing all the 2D animators to compete directly with established 3D animation studios when Disney's own accomplishments in that arena are limited to Dinosaur. That's a stupid basket to put all your eggs in.

This, coupled with all those straight-to-video sequels with sub-par animation and storytelling, and "the Disney Magic" becomes a phrase without meaning. They'll be on a level with Hanna-Barbara soon enough.

Instead, they should concentrate on the storytelling, on compelling characters and a marketable script. Lilo and Stitch was not a fluke. There's no reason in the world 2D animation should not be that successful every time, if it's the right 2D animation.

It's like they're no longer in it for the long run. And that's a frightening thought.


On a related note, moving away from the classic Mickey design would save Disney about five million dollars a year in Japan.
(scroll down just over halfway, to the question about Abe's fingers. seriously!)
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