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Meanwhile, back at the office...

I was kind of hoping when I went back to work yesterday that one of two things would have happened:
  1. The supervisor taking over my job would have been allowed the time he needs to actually start learning the technologies he'll be working with.

  2. Failing that, that management would finally accept they're going to have to hire someone who's already capable. There's still time left for me to train them. But not much.
Anyway, nothing at all like that came about. My job at this point is to find a way to cut our losses.

This is, of course, insanity. The old database has no sense of history - new info overwrites old, and past monthly reports are changed accordingly. You can't use that as the foundation of your business. But, use it they shall, for it's got a functioning interface and that's enough to let 'em go through the motions.

Problem is, there are some tasks that can only be done in the new database, and a handful of things coming up which will require synchronicity between the two. The idea had been to clean up all the data and migrate it into the new sensibly designed database, thus eliminating many years of compounded workarounds. What we're talking about now just adds an even bigger one on top.

I don't see any way around having to add this new layer of complexity, which will further ensure that no one but myself ever understand how to run this thing. And that just doesn't feel like the right thing to do on your way out the door. It's not the time for job security, y'know?

But, you know when they'll finally hire someone?
      When it breaks.

So, yes. The meltdown they never recover from is pretty much inevitable at this point. I'd just like the record to show that my contribution was made strictly under duress. This could have been prevented.

Ah well. Maybe the sherrif's office will put us out of our misery next week.
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