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Reality check

I scored 38 at Super Kickups tonight. Which is a huge accomplishment for me - I'm usually in the single digits, and I've been playing this off and on for over a year. So, I hit the "submit high score" button, and discovered I'd need 401 points right now for them to even bother storing it. That's rediculous. I can't even break 40.

The number one score was sooo close to hitting 2000. That must have been frustrating to just lose that close to a milestone after clicking incessently for eight or nine hours. Their index finger probably still twitches from the repetitive motion.


sencollins just sent me all too appropriate a quote.
    "Being a writer means sitting in front of a computer and resisting the urge to play Minesweeper."
          --Max Barry
Ah well. I learned some new software today, and fixed an inscrutable problem on Mom's computer. Intimidating hurdles, both. I put some thought into my personal statement for the CalArts application, and made ambitious plans for my senior project in case I'm accepted and choose to go there. So I shall deem this a productive day, and head off to dreamland, as it is now 1:30 AM and I go back to the office in a few hours.


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Aug. 4th, 2003 02:29 am (UTC)
holy ....
bloodly hell ... that is kind of hard .... I got to 12 lol .. after I figure out that you have to do a rally .. shit I don't think I can even do that in real life .. maybe about 5 if I'm lucky.. now vollyball I can ... shit .... almost 2000.... wow
good luck
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