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We're gonna need some taller shelves.

So, my nephew's started pulling himself up on counters now. He can reach right into the stove while we're cooking, grab himself a steak knife to play with, or just pull the pan of scalding grease right down on his head.

Worst case scenerios, to be sure. But I'm paranoid by nature.

Yesterday, we discovered that not all of our pills are in childproof containers. The good news is he wasn't interested in taking them himself. The bad news is he loves watching the dog eat things. Luckily, we caught them in the act, and were able to pull the dog away from this bounty of Advil before she seriously hurt herself. But next time, we might not be so fast.

So, here's what I'm thinking:
    Locomotion is bad. Children should not be allowed to move their limbs until maybe third or fourth grade. It just leads to trouble.
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