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Catching up...

Hoping to increase turnout, Jose and I made banners to hang up in the cafeteria. "Come Audition for the One-Act Play Festival! No experience necessary!"

Day 2 brought in five new readings, for a total of thirteen people. Time for a director's meeting.
    "Should we extend auditions into next week?"
    "Who's going to show up next week?"
    "Good point."
    "I think we can cast from what we've got."
    "Agreed. Let's not lose valuable rehearsal time."
    "But we'll let new people audition during callbacks, right?"
    "So, let's show up at Judy's acting class tomorrow morning and beg the students to come in."
    "Good thinking."
That got us five or six more people to choose from, and maybe a third of those auditions were worthwhile. Not a bad ratio, really. But for the most part, our strategy only succeeded in cluttering the process so we wouldn't have enough time to really deal with callbacks.

(I may come back to callbacks in another entry - it's good behind-the-scenes material, and I always like to expose my own incompetence for you. But I've fallen so far behind in this journal, I'm going to have to gloss over it for now)

The cast is finalized.
    The Sure Thing
    written by David Ives
    directed by Jas Batra
      Bill: Frank Cruz
      Betty: Suzanne Papini

    Mary MacGregor
    written by: Keith Alan Benjamin
    directed by: Nisia Gil
    assistant director: Jose Leon
    production assistant: Claire Culver
      Mary: Laura Asbury
      David: Zack Gallagher

    The Frog Prince
    written by: David Mamet
    directed by: self
    assistant director: Michael Logan
      the Prince: Justin Pool
      the Witch: Michelle Gorospe
      Grace (the Milkmaid): Amber Landis
      Bill (the Servingman): Brandon Frazier
Wow. The morning after. Second thoughts? You betcha.

I went on a very long walk. As I left the house, it started to drizzle. Kept walking. Fortunately, it didn't end up raining on me, but I wasn't about to let that stop me if it did. I guess that's how I clear my head now - I had something a few months ago which I couldn't come to terms with, and became okay with it some miles later. Anyway, I started plotting and scheming, and decided that my cast's in a much better position than we would've been had things gone the way I'd intended. I come home excited, energized, and ready to rock.

Justin was going over his part with a highlighter. Probably could have saved some ink by highlighting everyone else's parts instead.
    Justin: I have a lot of lines here at the beginning.
    self: Yup. And they're really difficult, too.
    Justin: So they are.
    Justin: Jesus.
    self: Mmm?
    Justin: You didn't tell me this play was a 37 page monologue!
    self: Surprise.
    Justin: This play is a 37 page monologue!
    self: More or less.
    Justin: And the lines are all really difficult.
    self: We're going to have rehearsals.
    Justin: I had no idea what I was getting into.
    self: You didn't read the script.
    Justin: No.
    self: You said you didn't want to know what you were getting into.
    Justin: True.
    self: Have we learned anything?
    Justin: If you take every part I've ever been in, and smoosh them all together into one play, I'd have much less dialogue in that than I do here.
    self: Cool.
    Justin: Yeah, I guess. I've been building towards something like this. Didn't think I'd be faced with it quite so soon, but I'm ready.
    self: I want you off book by tomorrow.
(Okay, so a lot of that's paraphrased. Most quotes I put up here are, but I don't think I've ever used anyone's real names before. Hence, the disclaimer this time)
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