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Just checkin' in.

Not sure how I got roped into scanning all these photos. There's a lot of clean-up involved, so I'm estimating it'll probably take until the end of time, give or take a few days. I could probably get through 'em quicker, but there's just so much more important stuff to accomplish, and I'm already halfway through my leave-of-absence from the office.

Along those lines, I'm pleased to report the home network is fully functional. Not terribly secure, but everyone's online (including the XBox and PS2) and the computers can finally talk to each other.

Comic-Con was expensive, but I think worthwhile this year. Got a relatively sensible course of action laid out which could revive seven or eight of my abandoned pet projects, though obviously not all at once. I'll have to give up more rights than I've ever been willing to, but the truth is they're not worth much unused. I don't know. I'm not ready to get my hopes up, but I'm feeling pretty good about this.

I also got a handful of import and hard-to-find DVDs. Fun stuff. Money I shouldn't be spending.

Monday is Siggraph. I should probably scope out a hotel room or something.

The following Monday, I'm back at the office. Scheduled for just two weeks, but with enough work to last far longer if I let it. Except, the Monday after that is apparently when all hell breaks loose again - the company's lawyers got a court injunction allowing us to continue working without interruption until the 11th. No clue what's supposed to happen after that, but I can't imagine I'll want much part of it.

In related news, the friends I was hoping to move in with another month or two down the line have filled that vacancy. It's disappointing, but not unexpected. Probably better that I not have that extra financial responsibility tying me down.

The scanning seems to be someone else's problem now. Guess it pays to work slow.

So! Momentarily free of obligations, my checklist for tomorrow is as follows:
  • Make appointments to speak with CalArts and the Art Institute of Los Angeles councellors.
  • Swing by Ventura College, grab a course schedule, and see if anything useful is still open for the Fall.
  • Seek out a cheap motel for next week, if such a place exists on such short notice.
  • Establish a schedule for the remaining time between now and then.

That's it for now. Perhaps I'll have more to say after sleeping a bit.
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