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Tuesday job update:

I actually have two bosses here, and the less reasonable one was out of town when we had our meeting. Strategic timing, I think - my supervisor rocks that way. Anyway, it went much better than expected. The plan saw two changes: one good, one bad.

The GOOD change is that I won't go completely unpaid for the two weeks I'm taking off. Turns out I've got 30 hours vacation time built up, and I can apply that here.

The BAD change is that they're not hiring a skilled replacement for me to work with. That's a shame. 'cause, my strength is in knowing how things worked in the past. My plans for how things will work are still based in theory and speculation. So, pairing me with an experienced developer would have been great.

In lieu of that, my supervisor plans to learn all the pertinent technology. Which basically compounds the problem rather than solving it.

They've got a few weeks to change their mind on that. Cross your fingers!

In the meantime, I've been putting some time into documenting step-by-step procedures for all my recurring tasks here. (Dad would have said I don't owe them any of this, but I think he'd be secretly pleased beneath his frustration to see me insist on it anyway. Except for the time factor - these are hours I shouldn't be here.)

Two paragraphs dropped, as I can't figure out how to phrase them without depressing myself further.

Ah well. 5:00 means it's time to sit in traffic...


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Jul. 8th, 2003 05:12 pm (UTC)
Fingers crossed!
One of the things we do here at work (or should do) is create a job manual so just in case someone is out, then there are instructions available.

Although I don't work too closely with the other news/editorial assistants now, still I see the value of cross-training.
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