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Huh. Guess I wasn't kidding.

Just ran this letter past my supervisor. We talk to the boss tomorrow morning...

  • I'd like to spend more time at home to help Mom get back on her feet.

  • I'd like to earn more money to help Mom get back on her feet, and to better live up to what Dad always expected from me.

These are complicated by the fact that:
  • My performance is suffering, and I just took a week off without notice.

  • We're pretty much in the middle of everything.

I think I can solve most of this by going back to the "freelance graphics / web design" thing. It never paid the bills before, but I think that's more because I tried so hard to avoid new jobs. Actively pursuing 'em might have worked better.

The good side of this plan is that it doesn't ask more of you. You've all been very understanding and generous, and I don't want to abuse that. The bad side is it kind of leaves you in a lurch (see "not wanting to abuse that"), and I’ll feel unresolved if I don't see this project completed myself.

So, here's what I think would work for everyone:
  • Let me finish out this pay period. I still have some improvements I'd like to make to the impression log queries, and they'll be easier to implement as all this new hardware starts reporting in. Plus, ATM reports are about to come in so we'll have monthly statements to get through.

  • Take me off the payroll from the 16th - 31st. Leave of absence, no paycheck.

  • Take that time to evaluate candidates, and select someone to replace me.

  • If it’s agreeable with you, I return on the 1st and work alongside my replacement through the 15th – the conversion gets done much faster as a team effort, and statements go through without any nightmares.
Hopefully, this sounds reasonable. If not, I'm open to suggestion.

So, that's in motion now. Let's see what chaos ensues...


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Jul. 7th, 2003 04:16 pm (UTC)
It takes guts. I wish you the best. You're being very fair about this. Most would have just left.
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