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the rest is all follow-through.

Lauren sometimes comments on how refreshing it is that I can just throw myself thousands of dollars in debt within a week of paying off the credit card, and it doesn't even phase me.

Not sure it's true anymore.

I just finished paying off the second of three credit cards this morning. I should, in theory, be able to finish the third one next week. And I have to tell you, the thought of financial stability is far more appealing to me right now than anything I might buy with my newly cleared credit.

But more than that, I want nothing hanging over me. These monthly payments play into every decision I make. Which brings us back to this:

It's Monday, so my job must be in crisis.

Nothing new to report on that front, except I've got specific places I'm desperate to be now instead of here.
  • Comic-Con is going to hurt, as every plan I've based my year on was leading to me having a submission in one of their animation festivals. (My living conditions took some drastic turns this year, and all progress towards meeting that deadline basically stopped in March). But, my older brother still wants to go, and I guess there are worse family obligations to be stuck with.

  • Siggraph's coming up. Same deal, really. Though, I'd be traveling alone. There's still time to prepare something, but not at this rate.
These events are coming up fast, and I haven't requested the time off yet. It seems a lot to ask, given that I just took a week off from work unexpectedly. But I don't want to miss these in consideration of a job I can't stand.

So, I think this is what I'll be proposing today:

  • I finish out the pay period. This will get the company's monthly statements out, give me time to finish some reports I'm working on, and reduce my credit debt to almost nothing.

  • I'm taken off the payroll for the following pay period (June 15-31), and take that entire time away from the office.

  • They hire someone to replace me.

  • I return the week of August 4 and walk my replacement through the monthly statements, ensuring a smooth transition in this area they care most about.

  • If it's agreeable, I'd like to continue working for two weeks, turning this whole project of converting the Access database to a more sensibly designed SQL/ASP/HTML beast into a team effort, and familiarizing the new guy with the many interesting quirks of our system.

  • I leave with a clear conscience, and a final paycheck.
I think it's a good plan. So, if nothing else, that'll take my employers by surprise - I don't think they've ever seen a good plan up close before...


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Jul. 8th, 2003 01:25 am (UTC)
wow ... I only have one credit card ..good luck with that .... I wanna go to this years on in san deigo this one web cartoonist I like is gonna be there (www.crfh.net)
hope you plans to confused and make sense works with your work.. good luck
Jul. 8th, 2003 02:35 pm (UTC)
I should really destroy two of these cards now. But I got such nice stuff filling 'em last time, I think it would be ungrateful.
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