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Jumping subjects for a moment...

The paper towel dispensor in the kitchen now has a sign posted on it reading:
    Company Property
    Not for personal use!
    Thank you
    the Management.
The boss must have went to dry his hands, found the dispenser empty, and thought it best to deny us the frivolous thrill of cleaning up after ourselves.

Another sensible policy decision.

What to do for lunch... Spaghetti, I guess, unless you guys can think of something messier?

In other news, I was always told that the database here used to make sense, but was jumbled over the years by a series of incompetent admins. Just stumbled across some proof to the contrary - the original designer didn't know what they were doing either.

What else...
    A few months ago, a tragic car accident claimed the life of the nephew of one of our accountants. Everyone had to sign the sympathy card, whether or not they'd ever met her. This lead to a lot of generic messages, as it always does - most of the company goes into autopilot when a card's placed in front of them. My favorite was the hastily scribbled out "Happy birthday!" signature, replaced with "Sorry for your loss." I always write a full paragraph, tailored to the recipient.

    I thought about what I'd say when I came in this morning - I'm basically trying to make it through one day without anyone trying to hug me. Figured I'd leave the card sealed until lunchtime, or save it until I got home. As it turns out, this wasn't an issue - losing my father didn't even warrant the usual empty greeting card.
...though, in their defense? the company can't even afford paper towels.

Ah, Mondays are fun...
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