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two mornings, and the days they shape

      Upon waking, I get dressed and set an alarm for the moment I'll have to leave for work.

      I boot the computer, and get sucked into some mindless carnage.

      When the alarm sounds, I get in my car and arrive at work on time. Productivity is high, and I accomplish much before it's time to go home again.

      Upon waking, I get dressed and set the alarm for the same time.

      I boot the computer, and launch ZBrush.

      I texture some eyeballs to replace the procedurally generated ones I've been using in Max 'cause those won't export to other programs, and I can't actually see what direction they're facing until I render. It's difficult to make characters expressive when feedback is delayed by so long...

      The alarm goes off, but I have a quick experiment to run using techniques I've never worked with before to paint a symetrical object without losing symetry. That's a success, but I can't figure out how to convert that back to the format I need it in, so I pop in at the user forum to ask before heading out the door.
      (The answer is waiting for me by the time I arrive at work - these guys are that good)

      I am 20 minutes late, with no desire to even look at the database. If I accomplish anything at all before going home, it will be a miracle.

I suppose in retrospect, I should have seen that coming. It's okay for work to interrupt my game, but if I'm actually doing something I care about? No good.

So, do I come to work upset every morning? Or resign myself to never accomplishing anything outside of the office?
It seems to me there ought to be a third answer.
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