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This couldn't have come up before I spent all that money?

    So. How's the job going?
    To be honest, I'm not sure if I still work there.

    Yeah. I'll find out on Monday.

    Well, do you want to still work there?
    Not at all.

    Then, why do you?
    Heightened sense of responsibility. My project isn't done yet, and replacing me would be an ugly setback.

    And, what happens on Monday?
    Well, it's more what happened on Friday. We were all handed a lengthy contract, and told to review and sign it by the end of the workday as a condition of our continued emloyment. But, this thing is chock full of problems, and presents an inequitable arrangement I would never agree to in a million years. It'd never hold up in court, but that's beside the point. You can't sign your name to things you disagree with. (To do so robs your word of all power - it's a simple loss of integrity. We as individuals must know without hesitation that when we say we're going to do something, it will happen. There's no room for compromise on that - if you can't trust your own word, it's over. You'll never make a difference.) So, I took it home to review with my lawyer, which I'm sure will have the boss punching holes in the wall all weekend. And, we drafted a new version, reducing it to just the parts I'm willing to live with.

    You don't think they'll accept this compromise?
    Not a chance.

    Then, why did you bother?
    Because what happens next is still their decision.
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