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Life is probably better without will power.

Watched "Stand By Me" on Saturday, as part of the whole "stupid me left something important locked in the office and now I can't do anything productive until Monday" extravaganza (and boy, was I fun to be around). It's one of those films that I always meant to get around to watching. Bought a copy back in February or March to facilitate this. Finally got to it. Good movie.

  • No DVD put out immediately after it's theatrical run can ever hope to compete with the special features offered here. They're not spectacular, but they are profound. The secret? Let people have a few other experiences before you ask them to reflect on this latest one.

  • Rob Reiner is one hell of a great director. And I think if more people understood what he was doing, a good number of directors would be reduced to technical consultants until they got with the program. (and, honest assessment? I'd never advance past that myself)

Which reminds me.. Guess what finally got here?

Good stuff.

And I think that was his home address right there on the front of the package. I mean, it can't be - that's just a little too trusting in this day and age. But, reading his stuff, I'm almost ready to believe it is. I can draw inspiration from the possibility, anyway. It's all a matter of choosing the right illusions to buy into.

And... hey! I'll have to double-check when I get home, but I think he only sent one of the two copies ordered. An honest mistake - I forgot I'd ordered two. Can't very well expect him to remember what I can't, can I? But, I was pretty out-of-it last night - could easily have missed the other copy if it were in there. Either way, I'll have a copy on it's way to speedball in no time.

In other news, I've spent entirely too much money this week on media this week.So, I may have to push back my estimate and say the August 1st paycheck is what will return my credit cards to a zero balance.

The funny thing is it'll probably take a year before I can even get to half this stuff. But it feels like I've denied myself too much passive entertainment lately, with consequences not unlike denying myself food or sleep. Course, that could just be the malnutrition and sleep deprivation talking.
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