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Anthropologists of the future, rejoice! You've found the source of that horrible idea.

So, I was thinking, it wouldn't be that much effort to have my custom LJ style display all text in "Wingdings."

If you're reading from your friends list, you wouldn't even notice. But visiting my journal directly, it would be completely unreadable (at least to Windows users).

Sort of like posting with "friends-only" security, but in reverse. It would force strangers out of the woodwork and create the illusion of popularity. Assuming they can find the "add user to your friends list" button.

Some of you were curious, so...
It'd look a little somethin' like this.
Kind of fun, actually, like really bad cryptography. Just copy the text and paste it into Notepad to make it readable.

(And no, my actual journal is not currently set that way.)

Edit Again:
We can also mutate the Friends View.

(...and by "we," I mean any paying member. It's Public Style ID #258865 if you want it, though I can't imagine why you would)

Edit Yet Again:
Umm.. Oops.

I seem to have overwritten my default LJ style with the horrible Wingdings version. I assure you this wasn't deliberate. If anyone's reading directly from that page, this link would be easier. Meanwhile, I'll see about fixing this.

And Finally:
It's fixed.
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