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ruminations on the stepson of publishing

It takes about 200 workers to assemble a pop-up book. This is done by hand - you can't automate the process. It's intricate, and precise, and every spot of glue needs a distinctly human touch. Designing such a thing requires an illustrator who can think in disjunct pieces, and a paper engineer who is almost always self-taught in this most obscure of specialties. It's a unique artform with a rich heritage. And, naturally, we hand the delicate sum of these efforts to our children, with their limited motor skills and overwhelming desire to draw on or eat all objects in the known universe.


I've been interpreting the word "consumer" more literally, and it disturbs me how hard it is to find a place where that's inappropriate. Our culture is little more than a swarm of locusts, and this doesn't seem to bother us at all.
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