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I've got a fairly nice television sitting on my desk. It's been there for months, lying dormant. Why? Because it only has a coaxial connection for input, and everything I wanted to hook up to it is strictly RCA output. I used to have a number of broken VCRs lying around, and any of those would have filled the gap nicely, but I couldn't remember why they were useful when folks were cleaning house around here and demanding justification for every last item.
(senseless loss of usable technology. *sigh*)

Anyway... I was at Radio Shack last night, buying the four adapters necessary to hook up a single pair of earphones to my new soundcard, when it occurred to me they might have something more convenient than a broken VCR for making that conversion. Sure enough, there was a quick and easy solution available. $29 RF Adapter. I brought it home without a moment's hesitation.

So, now I'm looking around, and I can't remember for the life of me what I'd wanted to hook up to the television, or more importantly: why.

Ah well. I need some music in here anyway. Hooking up the Playstation so I can play audio CDs...
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