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metatruck mystery

On my way back from lunch, I found myself driving behind what looked to be a garbage truck. And inside it, poking over the top, was another truck. A pickup truck, from the looks of it, resting on it's side. This seemed an odd way to move one's vehicle, what with the ready availability of towtrucks and all. But, there it was, presumably on it's way to the dump.

I imagined how I'd feel if that were my truck, and the exchange that might have taken place just moments before:
    What are you doing?! That's my truck!

    Garbage Man:
    Oops. My bad.

            (thoughtful silence)

    Garbage Man:
    Hey, you should really try to avoid parking so close to the trash can next time.
I should have followed this strange procession. To heck with my job, there's a mystery afoot! But, part of me was afraid the pickup would fall to the street and kill us all if we went over a speedbump, and another part of me remembered they're giving out paychecks later. So, I went back to the office, and here I sit, unenlightened.
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