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And still, no sleep.

Hospital Visit
My grandmother's doing a lot better than last time. She's able to smile and laugh, and generally seems her old self except that she's confined to a bed. I brought her a box of See's Candy, which had been given to me by a friend last week. (Handing off presents is probably a breach of etiquette, but I figure the gesture was more important than the chocolate. I can appreciate the gift without consuming it...)

Ego Jr.
Got to visit with both my brothers today, and spent some time with the elder's family. My yearling nephew's got his first case of the flu, and he's unbelievably miserable.
    Lately, I find myself empathizing with the confused and helpless, to a degree where I kinda wish I wasn't. I really hope the gods aren't trying to tell me something, 'cause I might just take offense.
So, back to the kid.. He'd be doing much better if he could just communicate verbally. He can't explain what's wrong, and his parents can't reassure him this will be over soon. It must be terrifying having no frame of reference for this. What surprised me was that I didn't see his trademark signs of frustration coming through. His expression showed more betrayal and sadness, perhaps a bit of disillusionment. Seeing a baby cry is nothing new. But seeing a single tear roll down his face without any screaming to accompany it... That's gut wrenching.

I suspect I'm projecting. If so, I've got issues I'm not even aware of. Can't say I'm thrilled with that possibility.

middle of the night
I unlock the door to my grandfather's house, setting off all the alarms and waking the dead. I remember asking him to turn off the alarms so that wouldn't happen. Guess he forgot. I figure a few more noises aren't going to make things all that much worse, and boot his computer up to get online.

Speaking of noises, there's a battery dying in this room somewhere. It beeps every minute or two, setting my nerves on edge. It's just as audible in the next room, where my bed is set up. Thie is going to interfere with my sleeping arrangements, I know it.
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