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If I understand the report correctly, patriotic Americans are now boycotting everything French. Also, items which sound like they might be French, despite fervent press releases insisting they're not. (French's Mustard? Not from France.)

And what kind of impact is this having on France?

Well, none really. We're just one country, and those orders were long since filled and paid for. But the American businesses that distribute and sell these products are starting to hurt, and it looks like unemployment's about to go up as a result.

Meanwhile, other countries are starting to boycott American products in return. Now, maybe we'll shrug that off. Or maybe we'll shut down a few factories, export less shipments, and see what becomes of the national economy.

Good thinking, everyone. Keep up the good work.


Mar. 29th, 2003 05:53 pm (UTC)

I'm sure the Belgians are having a good laugh.

We are soooooooo retarded.
Mar. 29th, 2003 09:06 pm (UTC)
Keep laughing, we'll rename their waffles.
The "freedom fries" thing was more childish than retarded.

"We don't agree with your opinion, so we're going to rewrite our (already false) understanding of history so as to no longer include you."

At least, it started off laughable. Then it expanded into a small child's temper tantrum, with the rest of the world quietly wondering why we don't act our age. And it kept growing. At this point, I think the analogy is closer to a rabid stray barking and growling. Dangerous and unpredictable, but with no real life expectancy. You shoot it with tranquilizers, and you put it to sleep. Because that's what the threat calls for.

No, what's retarded is continuing to insist that our sport be called Football. It's not. "Soccer" is Football, and "American Football" (as the rest of the world calls it) is something else entirely. With this on our record, I'm not sure how any act of arrogance on our part can possibly surprise me. But they still do. I guess because we still haven't shrunk back in embarassment from the rest of it.


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