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Went to the movies with Lauren last night. Was damn good to see her, however briefly.

...'nuff said on that.

As I looked for her outside the Century 16 here in Ventura, I ran into a LiveJournal user I've never actually met before, but recognized from their user icon. I stood there frozen, trying to process the fact that some of you might actually exist. And then a few minutes later, long after they had walked away, I found the word I'd been searching for: "Hi."

Anyway, we watched "Old School," so y'all can stop bugging me to go see that now.

Good movie, by the way. And a fitting title - I kept picturing comedic stars of the 80s on that screen. Vince Vaughn seems a perfect match for the kind of roles Bill Murray used to own.

Then I came home to find out my grandmother's more or less stopped eating in hopes that she won't have to endure this life too much longer.

...'nuff said on that, too.

Tonight, I'll be staying up way too late, trying to bury myself in graphics slipped dangerously close to the last minute.

Can't say it's got my full attention, though.
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