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Remind me, when I'm rich, to get rid of my car.

The convention center's parking lot is full. Which is fine - there's ample parking available in the lot next door. Except, that lot's closed now. Can't say I understand this. We've got a couple of pylons, and two guys redirecting traffic away from the empty lot. I was somewhat tempted to charge the entrance - they'd dive out of the way, right? But then I thought "What if protecting this stretch of concrete was more important to them than their own well being? What if they're willing to sacrifice their very lives to inconvenience me?" Well. That would be awkward. I figured leaving them to these empty lives had a certain justice to it, and drove away.

I didn't plan to end up at Kinkos again. This was just the closest lot I could get my car into. It'll cost me $15 to leave it here, though. And it's a long walk back to the convention.

Perhaps I'll go to Sea World.
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