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I did actually remember to check my computer to see if it had a modem. And, no. No, there wasn't.

It took me a few minutes to dig one up that was PCI instead of ISA (important, since my computer doesn't have any ISA slots), but I found one. Grabbed myself a screwdriver, and figured I'd install the card when I got here since the computer was already in my trunk and I was running seven or eight hours behind schedule. Just took a moment to dig up the settings, and I left.

...without the modem.

I suspect I'm the only one at this conference without any sort of internet connectivity.

This would be okay, except I've got this whole heightened-sense-of-responsibility thing to work through. Specifically, Lauren's getting on an airplane tomorrow, and I'm unable to help with the last-minute arrangements. So, it's off to Kinkos.

I post this, update my website, and see if she's written in. And then I sleep, 'cause I was only borderline functional today.

Called in to the office this morning, and walked a co-worker through making two big destructive changes to the database. Everything worked out, but in retrospect, maybe this should have waited until I got back...


...two hours later, I'm finally at Kinkos, ready to paste this.

Traffic was ugly.

Real ugly.

Hundreds-of-Cops-in-Riot-Gear ugly.

Wonder what's up with that?

Truth be told, I don't care what caused this. I just want to sleep.
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