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Final preparations for the Game Developers Conference

Spent the morning at work, making sure the disaster I've been predicting was just idle paranoia. It was. Everything's in good hands for the week, and I can move on with a clear conscience. Though, I would have gotten out of there a lot sooner if people stopped interrupting to say I should hit the road already.

What else...

Did tons of laundry last night. Stuffed as much of it as would fit into a suitcase. Hopefully, there's a relatively even distribution of clothing items, and that I'll have enough of each category to get me through the week. Yay, packing.

I've decided to lug my computer there after all. But, just one monitor, and nothing exciting in the way of peripherals. Should probably make sure the modem works before I leave, and configure myself for dial-up access.

My speakers are pretty well tangled into everything on this desk, and there'd be much climbing and digging involved to extract them, so I went ahead and picked up a pair of Bose MediaMate computer speakers. It's a flimsy excuse, but I didn't need much convincing.

These will allow me to continue watching the many hours of inexplicably free training videos I've collected from, only this time in the privacy of a motel room without threat of interruption. I don't plan to get a lot of sleep this week.

(Further explanation on the videos here, if you missed it the first time)

They released some new stuff last night, this time on drawing concept art. Like, with an actual pencil and paper. This is a skill I could use some practice in. And they're introducing an instructor led online class in it over at their sister site, <>Mastering Unreal</a>. Also, strangely without charge.

You may note my continued shock at this concept. Suffice it to say, my recent MCSE training and certification was not free.

Which brings us to another random note: UPS says the "Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer" branded shirt and jacket I ordered are scheduled to arrive here tomorrow. It would have been here a few days ago, but the fates have it in for me. It's just one thing after another.

Anyway.. I've wasted over an hour typing this because I so look forward to carrying this hulkish machine out to my car, and then sitting in my car for six or seven hours as I make my way north.

Probably oughta get movin' on that.
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